Update #3 is out!

Let me say it in good old Street Fighter II fashion: A new challenger appears! The new character that is being introduced and ready to tackle the eagerly anticipated realease of the OUYA is none other...
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XBMC for Android!

The incredible home-theater experience will come to your Ouya! Team XBMC recently announced their awesome program for Android which needless to say means that it will run on Ouya. Check out the demo video: Of...
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$ 5,000,000 reached!

Just a quick update: Ouya just raised $5 million from backers on Kickstarter! The initial goal of raising $950,000 was reached on the first day already. How far will this go? Cast your vote right here!
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Canabalt will be available on Ouya!

Adam Saltsman creator of Canabalt confirmed that his one-button sidescrolling platformer game will be available on Ouya. The simple and fast-pased platform action game is already available on Android which...
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Minecraft for the OUYA?

Free to try ouya games are awesome! You can play the trial version as long as you like and if you’re into the game – paying for extra content is always up to you. The amount of ouya games available...
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Things I love about the OUYA

Selling 20.000 units overnight of a product that was virtually unknown is so much more impressive then selling 326.000 units of the Xbox 360 in a whole week. Not to mention the six figure marketing expenses...
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ouya console

OUYA The open game console

OUYA is coming Who would have thought that android would make it to a full gaming console? It did, namely with “Oh Yeah!” OUYA. It’s an android based hackable open game console which...
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Armored Tank Assault 2 on OUYA

The free-to-play cross-platform multi-player tank simulator game “Armored Tank Assault 2” will be released on OUYA! You will be able to play online not only with your OUYA and mobile devices...
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OUYA becoming more and more popular

Some quotes from different people/websites about OUYA: @fourzerotwo… A new console, for $99, that is designed around a free-to-play open source model. I support everything about @playouya Engadget…...
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OUYA kicking ass on Kickstarter

As of this writing, over 36,500 backers have pledged $4.7 million dollars! How far will this go? You can vote in our forums, just follow this link and cast your vote. Don’t know OUYA yet? Check out...
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