Update #3 is out!

Let me say it in good old Street Fighter II fashion: A new challenger appears!

The new character that is being introduced and ready to tackle the eagerly anticipated realease of the OUYA is none other than Muffi Ghadiali.

Muffi is known for his unprecedented efforts at Lab126. The company created hand-held consumer electronic products like the Amazon e-book readers (Kindle series). Muffi’s excellence might be the key to the success of the Ouya. This man brings a lot of expert knowledge to the table. How about over 10 years in consumer product management and over 14 years in consumer technology? Furthermore a proven track record in delivering hardware, software and services that delight customers. Muffi got this.

The fabrication of the Ouya doesn’t step outside his area of expertise. Not at all. He knows from experience that it can be done. He considers the technology used on the Ouya actually fairly standard. He reassured all Kickstarters that the device can be built for well under $99.

Moreover Muffi gives an insight into his current tasks. The staff is working to get a SDK for the developers. They need to exercise their patience though. It will be fairly easy to start, using the current Android SDK.

Everything seems to fall in place for the hardware production. With Nvidia aboard team Ouya can do tremendous work. They’re helping with choosing manufacturers and production design. First talks with potential fabricants are a wrap. Muffi has already layed hands on the circuit board.

The Tegra 3 chip will be well adapted for the Ouya. According to Muffi they’ll work even better than the demos you see online. Even some intense games should run smoothly.

Last but not least an Ethernet jack will be added! Keep them Ouya on their toes and send them a lot of feedback!

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