OUYA taps into new markets: VEVO

Ouya is not only a little stylish device that allows you to play prime games like Final Fantasy III, Canabalt, Angry Birds, an exclusive prequel of Human Element or Shadowgun. This tiny box is capable of so much more. Being Android-based the potential to bring you joy is parallel to any developer’s imagination. If it runs on Android it can run on OUYA.

If you live in the United States, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom or New Zealand music videos from VEVO will be available to you! The partnership has been established recently. Imagine having access to music videos from the biggest record companies like Sony Music Entertainment, Abu Dhabi Media and Universal Music Group. Want to hear your favorite band? Do you have a song you’d like to listen to? You name it they have it. Check for the most-viewed clips experience exclusive catalogs of huge stars, see what’s new and enjoy live concerts. This is like having the Billboard charts at your fingertips. Just select a song and crank up that stereo!

VEVO is all about providing top-notch music videos to their customers. At any time and any place. That’s why expanding the range of platforms that run VEVO is very important to them. OUYA being one very promising new platform makes it a natural fit for the service.

In short seven months when OUYA will be released over 50.000 high-def video songs will be waiting to be played at your living room. Don’t stop the party.

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