Minecraft for the OUYA?

Free to try ouya games are awesome! You can play the trial version as long as you like and if you’re into the game – paying for extra content is always up to you. The amount of ouya games available will be mind-blowing. Finally, virtually anybody has the privilege to develop their own ouya games for the big screen since every Ouya console is a dev kit. No expensive licenses nor costly SDKs and it’s based on Android so developers will find themselves in a familiar environment. Who knows maybe we will see another big red-hot hit indie game in recent future – just like Minecraft!

Minecraft’s success is unheard of. It’s critically acclaimed and continues to show large numbers of sales. Will it be available on the Ouya though? The answer is probably yes but it’s attached to certain conditions. It will be on Ouya if the video game console delivers

‘on the promise of being the first true open gaming platform that gives developers access to the living room gaming market.’

Minecrafts creator, Markus Persson aka Notch owner of the private limited company Mojang is inclined to publish all of the current Mojang games but first time has to show if Ouya will be a success or not. Basically put if Persson sees demand he will satisfy it.

In addition to his stance Persson tweeted this on July 12th:

Markus Persson tweet

Mojang first needs to tweek its Minecraft version for Android before publishing it. It’s hard to say how much time this will take. To put in a nutshell nobody really knows if Minecraft will be available. That remains to be seen. Discuss Minecraft’s availability on the ouyamania message boards!

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