Imagine walking into your living room turning on your OUYA. You’re sitting down on your comfortable couch and load up iHeartRadio. You’re selecting your very own custom station with your favorite artists and similar ones. Turn up the volume and enjoy your commercial-free station as long as you like. iHeartRadio even got you covered with over 1.000 live radio stations. Listen to radio stations near-by browse through featured ones or share your experience on iHeartRadio with your friends. You can also discover what your friends are listening to. It’s all possible! Streaming great radio can be so easy.

Julie Uhrman recently confirmed the new partnership with ClearChannel’s internet radio platform. The user-friendly app fits perfectly for the big screen. You can find any music genre on it. Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Classical, Techno, you name it. You have access to over 14 million tracks and 400.000 artists. Sweet!

For now the service is available in the United States only but team OUYA is trying their best to expand it worldwide.

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