Canabalt will be available on Ouya!

Adam Saltsman creator of Canabalt confirmed that his one-button sidescrolling platformer game will be available on Ouya. The simple and fast-pased platform action game is already available on Android which makes it a piece of cake to play on the Ouya.

Furthermore Saltsman is willing to give feedback on the creation of the Ouya controllers. His wide range of expertise goes way back to the early days of Nintendo gaming consoles. Here’s a short video of Saltsman’s point of view concerning the Ouya along with the exact wording:

Hi this is Adam Saltsman I’m an independent game maker from Austin, Texas. I’m probably best known for a game called Canabalt and flash game library called Flixel. The prospect of an affordable open television-based console with a great controller – that’s a idea that I personally find really interesting, really exciting.

We have a great 3D port of Canabalt that’s on Android already that would be really fun to see up on the TV and would work great with any kind of controller, touch pad.

The idea that it’s going to be demo-friendly that all games are suppose to have game demos – I think that’s a great idea and I’m looking forward to acutally potentially playing a semi-active role in helping to test and give feedback on the controllers – specifically someone who grew up playing a lot of Nintendo consoles.

The idea of making games and playing them on the TV with controllers is still something I really like but if the controller isn’t up to snuff then [...] it has a huge effect on the overall experience.

You can play the game on your browser for free right here. I just ran 1853m before falling to my death. What’s your personal high score? This guy right here ran 22317m! Can you beat that? I say you can! Post your personal best on the Ouya message boards.

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