Things I love about the OUYA

Selling 20.000 units overnight of a product that was virtually unknown is so much more impressive then selling 326.000 units of the Xbox 360 in a whole week. Not to mention the six figure marketing expenses that go along with Microsofts successor to the first Xbox.

The upcoming video game console Ouya is full of intriguing features that the established big three can’t provide. Here are just a few:

Free-to-play games

You heard that right! The games will be free to play up to a certain point though. After the trail it’s the developers call to find a way to monetize his game. One possibility is to charge for full downloads in-game purchases or subscriptions. CEO Julie Uhrmann stresses the fact that you don’t need to do a blind bargain. There is no way that you make a bad deal by paying $60 in advance like you do when you buy a top selling game. Paying for extra content will always be completely up to you.

Inexpensive console

Taking the gaming fun back to the living room’s big screen for only $95 is just unbeatable. One controller is included! It’s $20 for international shipping. Now that’s super affordable.

Open Android-based operating system

Indie developers still have huge obstacles to overcome when it comes to publishing games for the big screen. The Ouya merges the android-based developer-friendly environment with the possibility to taking the gaming fun back to the living room. Who knows maybe we will have another big hit like Angry Birds but this time around on the tv!

High-definition video games

Enjoying high-def video games in 1080p is such a benefit to the gamer. This is a feature I certainly don’t want to miss.

The controller has a touch pad

Another neat feature is the touch pad on the controllers. Besides its two analog sticks, a d-pad, 4 face buttons and the triggers the touch pad can really enhance the gamer’s experience. It will be fairly easy to play mobile games on the Ouya.

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