Final Fantasy III is coming to OUYA!

Team OUYA makes a lot of promises and they sure do back them up. They gave their word that they will offer all kinds of games. Now with the newly created partnership between OUYA and Square Enix they proudly announced another piece of information that might cause shining eyes to role-playing video game fans. Final Fantasy is coming to OUYA!

The critically acclaimed media franchise started back in 1987 with Final Fantasy and released the latest game in 2010 with Final Fantasy XIV. Ouya will bringt Final Fantasy III first to the market. Coming March 2013 you can feast your eyes on the quality of the visuals and soundtracks of the launch title Final Fantasy III on Ouya. For the first time ever gamers from all over the world will have the opportunity to play the fantasy game on TV through a console.

Be prepared for high-def resolution! Ouya will make sure that the graphic gaming experience will be maxed out on the system.

A demo version will be provided for free for gamers that want to catch a brief glimpse at the RPG.

Final Fantasy hasn’t been released in the United States until the 3D remake for the Nintendo DS came out in 2006. It has been considered as one of the ‘missing pieces’ in the Final Fantasy line-up. Ouya gamers are the ones that can now loftly claim this piece of the puzzle!

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