Update #2

It has been an exciting week for all ouya fans as well as for its staff. With more than $US4 million raised during its first two days on Kickstarter the new video game console proves to be a force to be reckoned with. The easy to root console sparks developers and gamers interest all over the world. Despite the early days of the undertaking the ouya is the subject of lively discussions.

CEO Julie Uhrman can’t complain about poor feedback. The project received staggering numbers of high-spirited comments and lots of support from the fanbase. Part of the numerous responses were suggestions of games, fans would like to see on ouya.

Here’s a link to the Official Top 20 Game Suggestions List

Feel free to vote for your favorite games!

Currently, the video game project has more than 37,000 kickstarter backers and raised about $US4.8 million. How much money will be raised in total by the end of the fund-raising campaign? Cast your vote right here.

The console will have a Tegra 3 quad-core processor that is designed for mobile devices. Ouya’s board members and nVidia already put their heads together to ensure that the processor will unfold its full potential in conjunction with the console. Here’s a thread with a Tegra 3 gameplay video in the ouyamania message boards.

The maker of the free-to-play mech game “Hawken” pledged via twitter that they are also in on OUYA.

@markvlong — ‪#ouya‬ A crowd sourced, open, indie, free to play console?! Count Meteor in!

Seems like more and more famous game makers are joining this great project.

For the devs out there: OUYA also mentioned that they consider to give out the raw circuit board as a reward to developers at an earlier date.

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