Offensive Combat

It’s offensive. It’s fun. It’s a free-to-play first-person shooter that comes to OUYA! U4iA games is positive to bring the pwning action of Offensive Combat straight to your living room. Check out...
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Imagine walking into your living room turning on your OUYA. You’re sitting down on your comfortable couch and load up iHeartRadio. You’re selecting your very own custom station with your favorite artists...
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OUYA’s Exclusive Limited Edition

Clock’s ticking and we got four more days to go! Being one of the highest grossing ongoing drives on the crowd funding website Kickstarter OUYA clearly shows that the demand for an open video game console...
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OUYA taps into new markets: VEVO

Ouya is not only a little stylish device that allows you to play prime games like Final Fantasy III, Canabalt, Angry Birds, an exclusive prequel of Human Element or Shadowgun. This tiny box is capable...
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Final Fantasy III is coming to OUYA!

Team OUYA makes a lot of promises and they sure do back them up. They gave their word that they will offer all kinds of games. Now with the newly created partnership between OUYA and Square Enix they proudly...
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Update #6: OnLive and a full picture of the Controller

The cloud gaming platform OnLive will be availabe on OUYA at launch! Imagine playing top-tier games like Batman Arkham City L.A. Noire or Assassin’s Creed Revelations on your TV through the Ouya....
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Update #5

Julie Uhrman founder of OUYA released the official OUYA welcome sound. Feel free to set it as a ring tone. It’s always a cool thing to play it out loud so that everybody knows exactly how to pronounce...
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Human Element: The prequel exclusively on Ouya!

Robert Bowling president of an independent game studio in Los Angeles called Robotoki is commited to bring a prequel of Human Element a game that will be released in 2015 exclusively on Ouya. First things...
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Update #3 is out!

Let me say it in good old Street Fighter II fashion: A new challenger appears! The new character that is being introduced and ready to tackle the eagerly anticipated realease of the OUYA is none other...
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Update #2

It has been an exciting week for all ouya fans as well as for its staff. With more than $US4 million raised during its first two days on Kickstarter the new video game console proves to be a force to be...
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