$ 5,000,000 reached!

Just a quick update: Ouya just raised $5 million from backers on Kickstarter! The initial goal of raising $950,000 was reached on the first day already. How far will this go? Cast your vote right here!
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OUYA kicking ass on Kickstarter

As of this writing, over 36,500 backers have pledged $4.7 million dollars! How far will this go? You can vote in our forums, just follow this link and cast your vote. Don’t know OUYA yet? Check out...
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Update #2

It has been an exciting week for all ouya fans as well as for its staff. With more than $US4 million raised during its first two days on Kickstarter the new video game console proves to be a force to be...
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OUYA on Kickstarter

OUYA, the upcoming android-based video game console was announced two days ago. The OUYA team started up a Kickstarter campain to see how many people are interested in the project and the funding goal...
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