Kotaku Interview with Julie Uhrman

Recently Kotaku interviewed Julie Uhrman CEO of OUYA. In the live Q&A session many pending questions have been answered. Here’s an abstract of the most intriguing replies:

The video game console will be free of advertisements. You will be able to play every game for free. If you want extra content e.g. more levels in-game purchases or things along those lines you’ll be able to pay for it through authentication with their servers.

A lot of people ventured the guess that the OUYA might be a scam. Julie Uhrman addressed the trash talk of the team behind the Pandora Handheld in particular. They said that it can’t be done. Not for this price not without a loss and not without subscriptions. Uhrman just replied flat out the truth and her conviction – yes it can be done! The Ouya is real. There’s already a legit functional prototype. On the kickstarter video you can see how they’re playing Shadowgun. The products hardware might not be stunning it’s actually pretty standard but what makes this device so innovative is the beautifully designed, Yves Behar package.

The android-based console will be able to run any android app (e.g. OnLive). Game developers as well as content partners want to bring their content to the console. You can be sure to experience a large variety of already existing (AAA) as well as new games. OUYA is not a place solely for ports of old games. Expect fresh games that will be available on OUYA only.

The hardware will be able to handle great gameplay. The Ethernet jack ensures a connection to the Internet. Julie Uhrman and her whole entourage are a team of highly experienced professionals who have brought products to market before. The plan is still to be global since they have backers from all over the globe.

Feel free to send your feedback to devs@ouya.tv! Every email will be read and they will try to get back to you!

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