Human Element: The prequel exclusively on Ouya!

Robert Bowling president of an independent game studio in Los Angeles called Robotoki is commited to bring a prequel of Human Element a game that will be released in 2015 exclusively on Ouya.

First things first what is Human Element? This is from the creator himself on his survival-based game:

Human Element takes place 35 years after an event has occurred. And that event is the zombie apocalypse. The thing is we’re examining what the true threat of the zombie apocalypse is. What is the true threat in the zombie apocalypse? [...] In every movie and tv show the zombie is the big threat. But in reality if zombies are real, which I think they will be, because of Miami, they are the undead. They’re slow, stupid, weak, they’ll immobilize themselves long before they get to you. The true threat of the zombie apocalypse is that fear that they put in us survivors that lead us to do unreasonable things to survive. Like killing each other like fight for this fighting for that. So the true threat in the zombie apocalypse is that Human Element and that’s what we are examining. This is a zombie game that’s not about zombies. It’s about surviving. It’s about finding other survivors or not. That’s the beauty of it. It’s like the art we realease what we’re showing here today is showing you the multiple different ways that you can play this game. You know because when I was 21 when I thought about the zombie apocalypse it was an action-focused experience. I was killing zombies I was fighting survivors I was doing all the action-focused stuff. When you get a little bit older you have kids. I have a two-and-a-half year old daughter you think about the apocalypse very differently. I want to rebuild some resemblance of society. I want to create alliances. I want to avoid confrontation I want to build up my fortifications hord supplies maybe bargain with people not fighting for what I want leave that to the tough guys leave that to the shooter guys let me play a strategy game. And then you also have the people who are not strong enough to fight for what they want. They are not smart enough to create alliances and built a lot of fortifications so they are the self-focused guys. They’re facilitators. They are working with other people to get what they need to survive. Because what I find interesting is a world that has a variety of people in it. If you have a world that is all soldiers that one dimensional that’s flat. Let’s look at the world that is more than just shooting guys in the face.

A tweet from Bowling on July 19th hinted at the announcement of the prequel:

Robert Bowling tweet

As the day progressed this video came out (along with the exact wording):

Hi, I’m Robert Bowling President of Robotoki and the developer behind Human Element.
Now when I’ve first seen Ouya I was super excited. So excited I was willing to be one of the first people to donate personally $10.000 to the cult. And with 40.000 people already backing Ouya I know I’m not alone.
And what I am most excited about is to announce we’re actually bringing Human Element a prequel as a first frist PARTY EXCLUSIVE to Ouya. Now what this allows us to do – because Ouya has been so accessible and so open to any developers is we’re able to bring you a look of the world of Human Element a month, a week a year after the events of the game.
Because Human Element in 2015 when it releases actually takes place 35 years after the event has occurred and that event happens to be the zombie apocalypse. But we thought it would be exciting to give you a glimpse a little early because we heard everything you said out of all the press at E3 that you want to see this game sooner. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to work with the Ouya team and bring you an exclusive episodic look at the world as it develops and collapses over the course of the event happening.
To give you a look at some of the survivor scenarios an element so you can expect in the full game in 2015.
We can’t wait to get started and we’re going to be bringing every backer of Ouya and Kickstarter exclusive updates on the development of human element prequel

It will be very exciting to see what Robotoki brings to the table! Check out their website.

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